Recently, Mommy Blogger Ilana Wiles write about the #likeagirl campaign, which promotes pictures of girls doing traditionally “manly” things, such as rolling in mud, working with tools, etc. But, she wanted to shine light on the boys who were accepted while doing typically “feminine” activities, like playing house, wearing princess dresses, and painting their nails. She promoted all  posted photos with the hashtag #likeaboy.

Wiles was psyched to see parents sharing pictures of their sons happily taking part in so-called “girl activities.”

“I know #likeaboy doesn’t exactly have the same connotation as #likeagirl because the point of the original commerical was that we need to turn #likeagirl from a bad thing into a good thing. But when boys partake in so called “girl activities” it shouldn’t be looked upon negatively either. It’s important to praise boys for being sensitive and nurturing, just like we praise girls for being strong,” she said.

“We are not just raising future athletes and business leaders,” the mom of two said. “We are raising future fathers who are now expected to take on major roles in the household. Housework and childcare isn’t girly. It is what makes a good man and a strong family. Every little boy should be handed a doll and a toy vacuum.”

“In these photos, I think it’s awesome to see how many parents are proud of their kids just for being themselves,” the blogger added.

One reader noted that not all parents are that accepting.

She said, “there needs to be a male counterpoint about #manningup. I’m so tired of hearing people tell my son what he can and cannot play with because it’s not boy enough. When he was two-years-old, he fell in love with a stick unicorn. It was a soft plush toy with a big honking sparkly horn. I bought it for him immediately. I remember him walking around with his prize possession and people stopping me to say that letting him play with ‘girlie toys’ will make him gay. First off, who the hell cares. Second, he was two. He had no clue of gender roles and what’s appropriate for a boy. He just liked what he liked. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard a man tell my sensitive little guy to ‘man up’, as if having emotions is only a female thing.”

Kids are kids. Most like to try new things and don’t think along gender lines. We shouldn’t either. Instead of focusing on whether activities are for boys or girls, everyone should focus on promoting the activities that makes the child the happiest. Whether your daughter is a girl who likes racing or a boy who likes dress up, the most important thing a parent can do is support their child. If a child grows up in a loving home, where they know they will be accepted and loved no matter what, they will never be afraid to be themselves. Instead of ostracizing future generations, lets be accepting- this will lead to an overall happier world with better parent-child relationships. No matter what interests your child has-regardless of the gender connotation of those activities- you should be supportive.

Check out some of the awesome #likeaboy photos below:

All Photos Courtesy of Ilana Whiles

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